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Honored guests of the Film Festival Forbidden
Discussions with directors, actors, producers and more
Meet the brilliant minds behind the films that will be shown!
Movies shown at the Film Festival Forbidden
A new perspective
Films with themes "forbidden" by the society that will provide a new point of view
The Festival Honors Outstanding Woman in Cinema
Inspiring Women
The Festival makes a special tribute to the amazing women who are transforming the cinema!

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October 21 to 24, 2018

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An open-air film festival in Trancoso, South Bahia, a village that inhabits the most beautiful beaches of our country. Themes considered "forbidden" by society will be intensely debated and exposed from the perspective of culture, art and education. It caters to the public of all ages, with films ranging from family themes to taboos, prejudices, anti-drugs, music, politics, indigenous history, ufology and spirituality.​

A Festival of strong personality, with a pointed instinct for the unexplored side of everything.

Theatrical performances, contemporary art performances, projections and visual interventions on the walls of the Catholic Church of Trancoso during all the days of the Festival.

 Artistic "enclosure" of the guests and participants that will be staying in Trancoso.

Discussions with intellectuals, directors, actors, producers and experts after the exhibitions.

Involvement of the local community, awakening the taste for culture and knowledge, with a focus on children, youth and their families.

Partnership with film universities throughout Brazil.

National and international guests.​




The Festival has, as part of its wishes, the pretension of being an instrument of peace among peoples in general, debating themes, expanding awareness and perceptions for a better world. The trophies symbolize the origins of Brazil, and are Indigenous Pataxós spears. In the first year, the Festival honors outstanding women of the cinema, symbolizing the feminine force to welcome new concepts.


The Popular Jury chooses a long and short film of free censorship, and a long and short one with a "forbidden" theme to be screened in an indigenous village and in another district of Bahia, making a metaphorical analogy to the Coast of the "Discovery" of the Portuguese in Brazil, and to the "Coast of the 'Existiment' indigenous", especially in the South of Bahia.

Voting cells are designed in a didactic way for young people and the general public, demonstrating which indigenous villages exist today, and the districts that make up the Discovery Coast to select and display the winning films.

Districts of the Discovery Coast to display top rated movies:

Porto Seguro



Coroa Vermelha

Santa Cruz de Cabrália

Santo André



Pataxós Indigenous villages in the outskirts of Trancoso to show the most voted films

Reserva Indígena da Jaqueira _ Coroa Vermelha

Aldeia Barra Velha _ Caraíva

Aldeia Xandó _ Caraíva

Aldeia Velha _ Arraial D´Ajuda

Imbiriba _ Itaporanga

*others to search

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